QPROS for Audit

QPROS for Audit provides auditors with capabilities to get full scope coverage, with a fraction of the time and resources traditionally required, and reduce risks. These tools enables non-technical auditors to get all the needed information, define thresholds, and get alerts based on their own RACM. Using these tools the auditors can make the passive and retrospective auditing role and make it more proactive and updated.

Among the features are:

  • Easy to use dashboard for managing the processes, risks, controls, and tasks
  • Set alerts for thresholds
  • Understand what was change, when, and by whom across all the modules


Make high-priority changes with ease

Make high-priority changes with ease

QPROS’ set of tools can allow customers to make both major and minor adjustments to their processes in SAP, without compromising the data. For example, many businesses have dozens of price changes in a given day. QPROS ensures those price changes are enacted quickly, and without issue.
Automate complex systems

Automate complex systems

Change your manual method to an automated process by increasing the overall business agility and enabling operational efficiency. By providing ease of use, complemented by full visibility and clarity of changes, tasks and controls status, QPROS allows you to significantly lower the time and cost required in system maintenance.
Be in charge of your SAP processes

Be in charge of your SAP processes

QPROS’ Manager permits full management and monitoring of the process with great simplicity and excellent dynamics, without the need to pay uncomfortably high prices for additional systems, complex implementation and resources, as well as the expense needed for various solutions.


Take Control of Your SAP

  • Manage processes, risks, controls & tasks.
  • Automate important tasks
  • Dashboard with operational, real-time data
  • Import and Export your information.
Optimize your search capabilities

  • Single focal point for all searches
  • Check to see who has read data, not just after editing.
  • No learning curve.

Using an easy-to-understand interface that works much like Excel, our products make even the most complicated SAP business processes a cinch to use.


Keep your data current and relevant.

  • Be proactive and work in real-time.
  • Generate automatic periodic reports
  • Ensure everyone is working from the same data set.
  • Get the information where you want it, when you need it.
Stregthen your security.

  • Eliminate unnecessary excels and other scattered files
  • Access to information is managed in one place
  • Have a full scope view of what’s happening in SAP

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