QPROS for Business

QPROS for Business provides non-technical SAP users with the tools to do work that traditionally required a team of developers, and it does it in a fraction of the time. QPROS keeps the process simple. Using an easy-to-understand interfaces that works much like Excel, our products make even the most complicated SAP business processes a cinch to use.

With just a rudimentary technical knowledge, users will be able to create reports, mobile applications, and both search and share information with ease. QPROS puts an end to unnecessary complications within SAP, and does it in a fraction of the time. As information is significantly more accessible, you can gain understanding of your business and business processes like never before.

Keeps your technical processes fast, simple, and optimal, so that you can get back to growing your business.

Among the features are:

  • Create and modify any report with an Excel-like experience, including Conditional formatting, drill-down, writeback, get information from different sources, add columns, and much more.
  • Share the information in a web interface, or using files.
  • Set alerts for thresholds
  • Get the information you need whenever you need it without the help of any other resource using your email.
  • Understand what was changed, when, and by whom


Break free of SAP restrictions

Break free of SAP restrictions

QPROS provides users with the ability to approve and sign off on requisitions and orders directly via their email or mobile phones. This allows the user much more freedom over their information, and how they are able to access and effect it.
Create better, clearer and more up-to-date reports

Create better, clearer and more up-to-date reports

With their robust, simple interfaces, QPROS tools are sure to add value to your purchasing processes, shortened approval time, and given you the ability to better monitor and manage your processes and reports.
Keep your processes efficient and secure

Keep your processes efficient and secure

QPROS’ tools allow users to keep their information secure, no matter how they want to access it, keeping the approval process efficient and easy for its users to be performed without disrupting the everyday business continuity and routine.

Rainbow your SAP

Make it colourful, powerful and fun.


Make complex SAP tasks simple.

  • Use easy, Excel-like formatting.
  • Create calculation-based columns from existing columns
  • Add LookUp columns to other SAP tables
  • Filter information by color, comments, and values
  • Publish results via email
  • Show every report on a web browser without a single line of code
Easily share and access data

  • Publish in any format, using any media
  • Generate automatic, periodic reports
  • Receive alerts
  • Pull the information from your email without SAP connection
  • Ensure everyone works from the same data set

Using an easy-to-understand interface that works much like Excel, our products make even the most complicated SAP business processes a cinch to use.


Easily navigate SAP

  • Single focal point for all searches
  • Simplified, dynamic search engine
  • Check who has read data, not just edited it.
  • No learning curve
Any time, anywhere

  • Works on any popular mobile device.
  • No installation needed.
  • Real-time or offline access
  • Layered security–encryption & user authentication
  • Significantly shortens the approval cycle time

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