QPROS for IT provides a suite of tools which dramatically improve the usability of your SAP systems. It can take years of in-depth training to understand all the complex facets of SAP, but with QPROS, that process is made easy.

Why waste valuable working hours? QPROS for IT allows your IT department to be significantly more productive, in less than half the time.

These tools:

  • Manage the complex process of applying changes and transports across your SAP system (including business continuity, SOX compliance and governance business processes).
  • Conquer your daily business challenges by automating ALV data reporting, scheduling, and distribution.
  • Boost the efficiency and speed of a high volume IDoc search and drastically reduce processing cycle time.
  • Streamline complex search tools and address all object classes in a single application.


Optimize your searches

Optimize your searches

QPROS’  allows users to intuitively and instantaneously search the IDocs repository for any required IDocs. It simplifies the search, and accelerates it at the same time. So not only is it easier – it’s significantly faster.
Be in charge of your SAP processes

Be in charge of your SAP processes

QPROS’ Manager permits full management and monitoring of the process with great simplicity and excellent dynamics, without the need to pay uncomfortably high prices for additional systems, complex implementation and resources, as well as the expense needed for various solutions.

Easily locate and correct problematic data

Easily locate and correct problematic data

A single error can drastically effect your overall business processes. Once it is in the system, however, it can be difficult to find the problem data in order to correct it. Using QPROS’ tools, your business can suss out these errors, locate their source, and fix them within minutes.


Your data, where you want it, when you want it.

  • Works in any format, using any media
  • Generate automatic periodic reports
  • Get alerts
  • Pull the information from your email without SAP connection
  • The same data is shared by various users, each seeing only the relevant data
Easily manage your SAP

  • Fully compliant with IT controlling requirements
  • Includes out-of-the box integrated workflow scenarios
  • Simple to follow reporting and intrinsic enforcing tool
  • Have full visibility of the approval process via detailed reporting
  • Dynamically automate transport workflow and approval routing, including ad-hoc approver

Using an easy-to-understand interface that works much like Excel, our products make even the most complicated SAP business processes a cinch to use.


Get the most out of IDoc

  • Dramatically boosts the efficiency and speed of a high volume IDoc search
  • Reduces processing cycle time.
  • Makes IDoc data accessible to non-technical SAP users.
Strengthen your security

  • Eliminate unnecessary excels and other scattered files
  • Access to information is managed in one place
  • Have a full scope view of what’s happening in SAP

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