RESCANA is a vendor cyber risk management system that provides instant comprehensive notification and alert to supports your company’s business rules and critical processes.


Notifier supports all critical business functions, promoting business continuity and network up-time. It allows company managers to stay on top of their well-run business 24x7x365, regardless of the time or their location worldwide.

The Challenge of everyday Alert Management & Control: Alerts are actively issued on various affecting business critical topics.


Is your alert system configured so that YOU:

  • Know if there is any problem in your system?
  • Know what happened, when and where?
  • Will be notified about problems, according to YOUR criteria?
  • Will be able to monitor your entire network constantly?
  • Can set alarm thresholds over time?
  • Can set operational modes and associate events accordingly?
  • Can easily configure alarms and their recipients via email/sms?
  • Can you do it in a simple and user friendly way?


QPROS Notifier is a comprehensive notification & alert system supporting YOUR business critical processes.


Simple, Effective & Allowing to stay on top of Your Business 24x7x365


Active delivery of critical, fully  detailed alerts

  • Personalized alert delivery and content, including “sliding window” over time
  • Support for various media: email, SMS
  • Fast user adoption and lower TCO, allowing business continuity