About This Project

Company: Netafim


No. of Employees: 4000

Product: OnTheGo Approval


 About Netafim :

Netafim is the global and innovative leader in drip and micro-irrigation solutions. With 28 subsidiaries, 16 manufacturing plants and over 4,000 employees worldwide, Netafim delivers cutting-edge solutions to more than 110 countries across the globe. Leveraging groundbreaking drip technology initially introduced upon its establishment 50 years ago, Netafim works with millions of growers, dealers and partners to provide a wide range of state-of-the-art irrigation and complementary solutions for agriculture, landscaping and mining. From drippers and dripper lines, through sprinklers and micro-emitters, to crop management technology (CMT) and greenhouse systems, Netafim’s market-leading offering is helping to shape the future of agriculture.

 About Netafim’s IT :

In 2000, SAP was implemented within Israel. Since then, roll- outs were made to 14 countries. Additional subsidiaries are established every year. We now have hundreds of users in different countries which are managed by the central IT division in Israel.


For some time, Netafim’s managers have requested the ability to approve and sign off on requisitions and orders directly via their email or mobile phones. It was also necessary to present all the relevant budget information for every request in accordance with the company’s budget details.

Eran Benyamini – APAC Division IT Director:

We considered a number of options, and finally settled on QPROS following several recommendations from other companies.

“The company implemented the solution very quickly and supported us throughout the entire process, including making changes to the release strategy that were necessary in order to maximize the efficiency of the process.
By the end of the implementation process, we had an effective working solution that enabled the approval of purchase requisitions and orders without requiring an active connection to the SAP system. In addition to all authorizing parties receiving the application for approval, they also receive a visual form that includes all the necessary management information for the decision, including complex budget data and the remaining budget versus expenditure items in the document.
This solution enables optimization of the business process, significantly shortens the approval cycle for purchase documents, and makes it easier for authorizing parties to access management information during the release process and make decisions in an advanced work environment that is familiar to them (email/mobile).”

Ido Zur – Head of Budget and Planning Corporate Control:

These days, it is simply not possible for every purchase document to be approved via the SAP system. The ability to approve documents anywhere with the accompanying management information enables us to shorten the time taken to achieve an efficient and high quality budgetary control process.