QPROS Notifier @ Ness Technologies

QPROS Notifier @ Ness Technologies

Ness a global provider of information technology solutions and services and a certified SAP channel and services partner, implemented QPROS’ Notifier.

Ness integrated QPROS’ Notifier into its internally operated workforce planning system for invoices, to streamline its core business operations.

The Notifier was configured to issue real-time notifications, up-to-date information created at run-time. The responsible personnel will be automatically and on real-time alerted (by e-mail) of any failure on the application log for issuing invoices.

Notifier was selected as it creates the failure notification at run-time and is fully customized: body text, recipient list and the log itself is attached. It provides full and optimal decision support information and clarity into the system status.

QPROS’ Notifier was a perfect fit for Ness requirements for simplicity and straight forward implementation, as it totally eliminates the burden of manually dispatching the critical information. It meets all possible alerts settings by easily altering the notification conditions. Ness Technologies selection of QPROS emphasizes once again QPROS’ strong capabilities and its market position.