QPROS Publisher @ Clalit Health Services

QPROS Publisher @ Clalit Health Services

Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest health organization, implemented QPROS Publisher solution using multiple scenarios in SAP.

Publisher is an efficient & powerful solution that automates ABAP List View (ALV) data reporting, scheduling and distribution to any data format, on any media, anytime, secured.

Supporting all standard data formats and any distribution media, complemented with a huge set of additional highly usable options (prefix/suffix on the file name, date, scheduling options, etc.), ALV Publisher allows its users to build endless scenario options.

Clalit opted to implement 2 key scenarios, imperative for Clalit’s daily business routine:

Incorrect invoices: ALV report is triggered by an event – invoices with incorrect been sent out.

Supplier card distribution: ALV report is triggered by a new supplier definition or an update in supplier’s data. Supplier’s card data is distributed internally to all relevant departments. Each supplier’s data is uniform across company and it addresses the needs of various organizational functions.

Publisher delivers on its promise of acting as an internal communication channel between various enterprise functions and also as an external communication channel with your customers, partners and suppliers.