Simplify SAP price-changes business process

The case: Simplify SAP price-changes business process


One of our clients have dozens of price changes in any particular day.


The price changes can be to a material, material group, per-customer, to a specific region and so on.

Each sales organisation manager should approve all the changes for his/her own sales organisation, and the corporate sales manager needs to approve these changes on the corporate level.

SAP keeps the different prices in several locations and the company didn’t want to develop a dedicated workflow for all the combinations. The outcome is a report that the corporate sales manager can see only the starting and end result: the price was changed from $20 to $24 for example. That report did not provide the manager the understanding of what was changed, where and the impact of the change.




In this case, a combination of several tools come into place. The customer already had Changer to show all the relevant changes made in the day before.


Adding the Rainbow and Publisher to his set of tools, the customer added all the relevant missing information to the same report. The new report shows all the changes made yesterday, but now the manager can see two additional dimensions: What is the impact of each change and what changes impacted each price. The customer also added a column ‘Approved’ to help him track what was done and for compliance.


Last but not least – all the approved changes are sent to the relevant sales organisation automatically each day using Publisher.




The entire process suggested in the Alternative section took about two hours from start to finish.

Working with the Rainbow, Publisher, and Changer, the company is not just compliant with the regulation (SOX in this case), but also provides the management to understand the impact of the price changes in the organisation.

Money-wise, the two hours spent provided a solution for a business challenge that the company tried to answer for three years.

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