What’s in it for HR managers?

What’s in it for HR managers?

As the Head of HR of a company, you require access to HCM reports for your daily work.

The data in these reports must be accurate, and you would like to have a flexible and easily customized system to support you and your managers’ needs. In many cases, you need additional information which combines HCM information with data coming from other systems like Attendance, Salary, and even non-HR systems like Financial systems.

It takes a long time for the conventual SAP IT organization to provide these customized reports, and in many cases, it is rather difficult to automate the distribution of such reports by roles & responsibilities under a systematic schedule.

If your department needs to access the SAP system to look at a report, or you may have lost control of so many confidential excels with old data, that circulate inside the company and outside it (regardless of access rights) you have two options.

  1. Become an SAP system expert with a technical skillset to access, modify or update such reports
  2. You can use QPROS tools, and within a few days can make SAP web-enabled reports, distribute them automatically on your own


If any of the above is true, I would appreciate the opportunity to present our products to your HR department over a 30 min intro meeting.